A personal STYLING JOURNEY TO design a style that fits you perfectly.

You are here because you are ready for more…

Self Trust


Clothes for me are a magical and powerful tool to unlocking your inner confidence. You will come here for the style but you will leave with a whole new outlook and understanding of yourself.

I am here to bring you on a journey of self discovery - around who you are and what you love in order to create a style plan that feels natural, authentic and just true to you.  

My magic power is in bringing out all the unique parts of you and putting them into a bespoke style with your own colour palette, styling tweaks, outfit formulas, Styling boards of shoppable looks and so much more. It is time for you to really feel the power of loving your what you wear.

Julie x

To retreat:
the act of withdrawing to a quiet place.

How it Works


The retreat is made up of 6 sessions within 3 areas of work - design, alignment and flow.
the result is a whole new way of seeing both yourself & your style, alongside a refreshed wardrobe and shoppable look-book, all for you.



style DESIGN

Using The 5 Elements of Chinese Medicine (used in Acupuncture and other forms of energy healing) I will begin to dig deeper into a Style Aesthetic and look that feels authentic to you.

Did you know what feels good in your clothes, the looks you love from your wardrobe create a feeling that resonates with a deeper part of who you are. The world of fashion confuses us, gets us to loose our core instincts. Together, we hone them and build a style framework you will love.

style alignment

Aligning what we love and what's important to us in our clothes with the right styling tweaks for your body shape and the creation of your preferred colour palette is what this section is all about. From years of styling, I have learnt the art of honing those tweaks so they feel natural for you & they will really be a small number of tweaks that make the biggest difference to how you feel in your clothes.

Our sessions happen online but from the comfort of your home so we can bring in and learn from the contents of your wardrobe, giving us the chance to declutter and review as we go.

style flow

Your Retreat culminates in a brand new Styling Boards of shoppable looks. You can shop each item directly but for me, the magic will be in seeing your style come to life visually. The creation of our little black book of brands that just fit your look, how they are mixed and matched. Together, we will play with your style map (a simple little graphic we create for you to follow) and outfit formulas to show you how to take these looks and apply the learning yourself in your everyday.   

In this session we will carry out a digital colour analysis that will build your most natural colour palette incorporating everything from your best neutrals, brights, prints and pattern  This is just the first layer of colour, your Style design will personalise your colour palette to include all tones you are drawn too in a look.

This session help you to review and declutter your current wardrobe while learning about your body shape and the styling tweaks that matter most for you. This is a chance to understand why things have been unworn or frustrating to you. It is the first layer of your Style Design.

This is where we create your unique & most natural style aesthetic using The 5 Elements of Chinese Medicine to dig more into your Style & Human Design. You will learn how the best style decisions come from having this deeper understanding about what matters most to you in your clothes and what really excites you.


colour palettes



style design


This is the session where we unveil your Styling Boards (created by me). A private space with 40 fully styled looks for you to shop, enjoy and be inspired by. The real magic is seeing your style come to life and feeling like you have a flow to your style, an ability to understand this style formula and a feeling of confidence in how simple things have become.

This is an optional session. If you did buy looks from your Styling Boards and want that final helping hand to get creative, mix and match, integrate with other pieces you own - or you simply want to reflect, and have one final review together, I am here for it. For some this is within weeks & others it's months. Knowing when you need this chat is up to you :-)

This is the really exciting bit - things start coming together! We have our first outfit vision board for you to tweak. You will see the full picture of your style come to life. We curate your style description, brands that align for you and hone the details that matter in a look. It's the little things that make the biggest difference!







Sessions Breakdown


Julie! Your brilliance is in probing so gently until you find parts of me I spent years believing was gone. I cannot believe I feel excited about what I'm choosing myself to wear and I absolutely cannot believe I know how to find those clothes in the shops! Thank you!




a private online styling space

Your Style DESIGN


Guiding you with your new style

Your Style Journal is your record of your journey, an unfolding of all the things that make your style 'yours'.
It will be your new guide going forward to help you in moments of doubt. A place you can come back to and remember who you are and what matters.

outfit formulas

You will have access to a private online space, which is where things unfold during your Retreat & you will have access to afterwards. You will upload items from your wardrobe that we will work with, we will create your shoppable look-books here and your Style Journal will always be here to keep you on track. 


One of the big parts of having a style we love is having a set of our own 'looks', simple formulas for putting things together that just feel really natural to you. We will create your outfit formulas to draw on and give you the confidence you need each day.


At the core of The Retreat is an uncovering of your Style Essence, a combination of deep instincts you will have around what you love.  Once we uncover your Style Essence every decision we make around your style aesthetic, & you will make around your wardrobe, buying & putting outfits together will pass through your Style Essence in order to feel authentic to you.

We use Vision Boards as part of the journey to watch how things will visually change for you - from how you see your style now to watching your new style aesthetic unfold.

The final part of seeing your style come to life will be my choosing complete looks that represent your new style aesthetic. Everything is picked for you. You can click to purchase or simply be inspired by and learn from this brand new style and feeling of flow before you.

Start gently with my self guided Style Retreat Mini Journey, which you can download and enjoy over a cup of coffee.

Secondly, book a Discovery Call to get a little more insight into where you might be with your style or simply book your place to begin Your Style Retreat at a time that suits you.


A gentle start

This is a lovely first step you can take right now, if you don't yet feel ready for the full Retreat. Start with this free download, the Mini Style Retreat Journey, a gentle step you can take by yourself to give you a little insight into the idea of your Style Essence and just how much magic there is to uncover for your style.

It is about what is in your heart and soul, an unraveling of your true core values and instincts. 

DIscovery call

My Discovery call is a free, warm and welcoming way for you to offload your thoughts around your wardrobe, a chance to see if The Style Retreat might be right for you or to simply get a little more insight following the results that came up from your FREE Style Retreat Mini Download. 

Wherever you are in your style journey we can see together what is the right next step for you.

The Style ReTREAT

I am ready to welcome you onto my very special Style Retreat, whenever you are. 

I work with a max of 4 clients at any one time so my recommendation is to get in touch so you can be sure to get the time in the season when you have the time to enjoy the journey the most.

Remember, it entails 6 online sessions and ongoing support to transform your day to day style over a 3 month period.


No one will look exactly like you do in clothes you love to wear. The Style Retreat unravels this for you. The Style Retreat is a place where you can tune into yourself again, understand yourself better and create a whole new approach to your everyday style that will excite you & give you the courage to live a happy & stylish everyday life.

It can bring up so many feelings when we think about the money we have spent on items that didn't work for our wardrobe. There are so many reasons, we don't quite get it right, even with the best intentions. The Style Retreat will rebuild your self- awareness, self trust and freedom to be exactly who you are and create a feeling of flow with what you buy.

letting go of other versions of you

In order to create a style you truly love, you must take time to fully understand your values, your motivations, what you love, what you don’t, separate to any clothes. You come first, the clothes come second. This might sound odd right now, but trust me, this is where the magic lies.

time to really make a change

The Magic of
the Style Retreat

The relationship you have with yourself will become more accepting, trusting and positive.

You will embrace your individuality, helping you to be so much more confident in your everyday life.

You will think about clothes with a lot less anxiety as you begin to find a flow to what you buy & wear.

You will get dressed for the real you and with a feeling of ease, flow and confidence. 

Life will change because you are no longer afraid to be yourself, as you approach each day with a renewed self belief.

Getting dressed will become a joy!

Some of the ways life will change after the Style Retreat

You will appreciate your uniqueness, giving you confidence to live life the way you want. 

You will think about clothes less but what you own will impact you more positively.

You will have a defined Style Essence & Philosophy

Look-books & mood-boards will excite & inspire you.

Your Style Journal will guide you.

You will let go of what others think and dress for you.

You will have that feeling of a fresh start for yourself & your wardrobe.

You will have a framework for buying, dressing, styling and having fun with your clothes. 

Feelings & TAKEAWAYS

Do you feel overwhelmed by your wardrobe?

Does shopping for clothes that are right for you feel difficult to navigate?

Do you long to feel more confident in your own skin?

Do you feel a little lost or disconnected from what your style is?

Do you crave a style of your own?

Are you sick of worrying about what other people think? 

Does your wardrobe lack a feeling of flow and cohesion?

Is the Style Retreat Right for me?

You can have a style all of your one. One that feels easy, exciting and gives you the confidence to live more confidently. It’s waiting for you!

If after our call you are ready to join, I will send you a link to pay your booking deposit and it’s official, you are going on a Style Retreat over a time frame that suits you!


This is a chance for you to ask me any questions you would like, to make sure the Retreat is right for you and to welcome you should you decide to join. We can arrange once you get in touch.

You can book anytime, simply get in touch using the 'book now' button below. I will be back to you shortly with details on when I am taking my next clients and to arrange the next steps.