1. When does the programme take place?

I only take a small number of clients each season to fill 20 places in total each year. You can start anytime in the year along as I have spaces available. You can email me or sign up to my newsletter, which is where I open up spaces first and foremost. 

2. How do I know this programme is what I need?

If you read through the list of questions on The Style Retreat Page 'Is the Style Retreat right for me?' and you see yourself in more than 3, my programme might just be the tonic you need. My Retreat takes a slow and in-depth approach that results in real, deep change with how you see yourself. The clothes support this journey but you are at the heart. if this feels right to you - get in touch to have a chat.  

3. What if I am not so good with technology?

Don’t worry. It’s new to us all (apart from the Gen-z-er's! That is why I always do a gentle starter call if you would like to make sure we can help each other get everything set up and ready to go so we don’t waste anytime on our first session. 

4. Do the sessions take place each week?

I try to pace the sessions with at least a week apart. Between some sessions we need two weeks as there is a lot to take in and work you need to do on your wardrobe etc. I try not to be too prescriptive but do what feels right for you and how you like to learn.

5. Can I pay in instalments?

Yes. Just ask and we can see what works best.

6. Do you shop for me?

As part of the programme, I will curate a list of stores and a number of looks that reflect your new style philosophy. This will give you a clear picture of how your style translates so that it feels very visual, very real and very exciting! A big change will be in feeling you have a list of ‘go to’ stores that really reflect you and your style. 

7. What do you mean by holistic styling?

You know when you wear something you really feel good in? At home in? Like it truly belongs in your wardrobe? That item ticks many important boxes in what’s most important to you. Things like you value comfort over style or you gravitate towards neutral colours because of an innate love of quality and polish in your clothes. Holistic styling is about helping you to understand what these inner instincts are for you so we can translate them into a style that feels more natural.