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I have worked as a Personal Stylist, Teacher, Speaker & Confidence Builder for women for 15 years now. My Passion is to bring you on a personal journey of discovery around who you are and what you love in order to create a style plan that feels natural, authentic, exciting and freeing for the life you live. A style that fits you perfectly.

Are you ready to carve out time & space for you - from the comfort of home?




The Style retreat 

Imagine your style being an intuitive feeling you understand with a routine that makes you feel excited again?  

The Style Retreat is a place for you to take some time out to discover who you are and what you really love.

A place to uncover your magic, your essence, a special combination of deeper instincts you hold around what you love, traits that define you and personal values you hold dear all mapped out into a Style Aesthetic that feels so authentically you, using Intuitive coaching, character profiling, styling and a little magic!.

With Julie

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"Julie's ability to shine a light on things about myself that I really relate too but never thought about before is brilliant and powerful. You have reminded me of who I am and laid out a style in front of me that just looks and feels so authentically me. It honestly feels a bit like magic!"


"Julie! Your brilliance is in probing so gently until you find parts of me I spent years believing was gone. I cannot believe I feel excited about what I'm choosing myself to wear and I absolutely cannot believe I know how to find those clothes in the shops! Thank you!"


"Julie, you have really changed how I look at myself, my body shape and my wardrobe. I now finally feel comfortable in my own skin. I care so much less about what people think and that's down to you and the time spent with you. Thank you." 


"Excited! Confident! Free! For the first time in a long time I feel like I have given myself permission to accept who I am and embrace it. I loved spending time with you each week and watch my confidence literally grow before my eyes!"


start gently

Our wardrobe is where our day begins. It holds tightly onto your stories & our feelings towards ourselves. It can feel complex hard to know what even needs to change, let alone how. Don't worry. I got you.

To take a gentle first step, sign up to my little community of women who receive free styling thoughts, insights and fun videos right to their inbox. 

It is designed as a gentle nudge of encouragement to help you get started and to learn more about Style Design & what it might change for you.

Let's find your Magic..

3 FREEDOMS the STYLE retreat will GIVE you

Permission to let go of other versions of yourself.

Less worry about the expectations of others as you tune into what matters to you.

Live more authentically with self awareness & trust in who you are. 


Writing about style intuition, confidence & authenticity

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