Our style is always evolving. What you want to wear evolves. But those inner traits that form part of your nature, your inner make-up, they can always be your  guiding light to help make style decisions that will be right for you.

"Create a Style that feels like you."

I believe style is about so much more than our clothes but clothes can be a powerful tool that tells us so much about ourselves and can change so much of how we feel about ourselves.

I believe if you feel confident in your own skin, centred in who you are and can embrace your individuality you will have the self belief to live the life you want and build a style that works for you. 

"Fill your life with the things you love and watch magic unfold."

 - Women living life by their own rules.

 - A new season beginning, the changing colours, clothes, a fresh start.

 - The outdoors and being active.

 - Exploring new places. 

 - Travelling solo. A trip I took alone around Vietnam inspired me to start my business.

 - Food & cooking - all sorts but Asian is my favourite!

 - The Quiet first thing in the morning when no one else is up.

Words that embody my work.



Self Awareness









I am an introverted extrovert!

I am from a small town in Ireland called Portarlington but am married to an Englishman. We live in Devon, a small village in the South West of England right by the water. We have a little chocolate coloured labradoodle called Polo, who is just the best thing ever!

I am a morning person I love that time when the house is still and I can literally feel the quiet. I am most productive when I have space to myself to think, to read, to work on something. I would call myself and introverted extrovert :-)

I love cooking all sorts of food, running and yoga. I am a 'do'er' - cannot sit still - when I am into a subject, I go deep - I buy all the books and listen to all the podcasts but I also love nothing more than sitting in a lovely cafe with a book or magazine and watching the world go by.

I adore fashion but in a way that feels simpler than it used to. Joy to me through my clothes feels like an effortlessness, a feeling of simplicity but at the same time I like a feeling of polish. I don't like anything dangly, anything restrictive or anything with an obvious label. I like to feel free, like I haven't tried too hard but yet have achieved a feeling of sophistication. It took me time to understand my own style after years working in fashion and it feels do good to be helping others do the same.

Welcome to my little styling home. Jx


For the first time in a long time I feel like I have given myself permission to be who I am and embrace it. I loved spending time with you each week and watch my confidence literally grow before my eyes! 



Style Design will help you define your own personal style, transform your style routines and live confidently in your own skin.



that feels




The Style Elements of Wood & Metal

A Feeling of comfort & polish.

The Style Elements of Water & Wood

A Feeling of creativity & movement.

The Style Elements of Fire & Wood

A Feeling of Fun & relax style.

The Style Elements of Metal & Wood

A feeling of polish & freedom.

DEFINE your style aesthetic with STYLE DESIGN