A personal STYLING JOURNEY TO design a style that fits you perfectly.

Your Style Design will help you feel more…

Self Trust

Shifting from one way of looking at your clothes to a new & fresh way, takes focus and exploration and play. That’s what Style Design is about. It is a focused approach to building a Style Aesthetic you will really love and feel at home in.

I have developed the concept of Style Design for women who so often say things to me like:
‘I always buy the same things.’ or ‘I love fashion but it’s become a minefield.’ or ‘I have just gone through this huge change and I don’t know who I am anymore.’

If you feel you need a fresh start, Style Design will help you change how you see yourself, your style the way you buy - for a brand new you.  

Julie x

To retreat:
the act of withdrawing to a quiet place.

How it Works


A Style Design Journey includes 4 online coaching sessions (the first can be done in person) followed by bespoke styling boards of 35 shoppable looks  It is also accompanied 3 months of ongoing support as you delve into your brand new style direction at home.




There are two SESSIONS in our Design section. The first is your Wardrobe Workshop. From your wardrobe doors, together we build a picture of the styling tweaks right for your body, we see what works & doesn't from your existing wardrobe, we look at your key body proportions and we catalogue the items we want to carry forward on our Journey to style in a fresh way. This is also the start of creating our outfit formulas.

Colour Palette Discovery is the second part of your design. We carry out our digital colour analysis, create our bespoke palette to work with, and look at the other factors where colour impact your style.


This is the central part of our Style Design. I call it your Style Discovery, a process of aligning what works with what you love. It is the creation of your Aesthetic from the inside out. It is building an understanding of your look.

Using my Style Design 5 Elements we will understand more about your personality, alongside uncovering your 3 key Style Words, you will for the first time feel you have a Style Framework that just feels completely aligned with who you are, with looks that for the first time make sense in bringing together all parts of yourself. 

This is your Style coming to life. We will create your Style Map, Outfit Map and you will begin to let the old you fall away as this new style emerges and alongside it an ease and excitement at the possibilities ahead.


Your Style Design Journey culminates in your Styling Boards. 35+ Looks which will bring your Style Design to life. Your looks can be shopped (all items will be current) or simply used as outfit formulas to take forward. 

It will be created from Brands that feel aligned for your style and will show you how you can create outfits that are true to your style, bringing together your style words, the feeling you are after in your clothes and looks that fit into your real day to day life.

Finding your Style Flow also includes Whatsapp and online support for 12 weeks following our sessions to help and advise with items you do decide to purchase.

In this session we will carry out a digital colour analysis that will build your most natural colour palette incorporating everything from your best neutrals, brights, prints and pattern  This is just the first layer of colour, your Style design will personalise your colour palette to include all tones you are drawn too in a look.

This is a full wardrobe style review. We will Identify your key styling tweaks, your key Body Proportions.
This helps us to create our first Outfit Formulas & catalogue Items to take forward. You will begin to understand why things have been unworn or frustrating to you.

It is the first layer in your new Style understanding.

Using my 5 Elements of Style Design we will get more style insights, alongside uncovering your 3 Style Key Words. You will begin to feel you have a Style Framework that feels completely aligned with who you are. This is your Style coming to life. We will create your Style Map, Outfit Map as your old way of looking at your clothes falls away & your new style emerges.


colour palettes



style design


For 12 weeks following your Styling Boards, you will have my full support in bringing together. We can have an online styling session to incorporate your existing and new pieces, I can support you on Whatsapp as you create outfits everyday or an just here as a sounding board for when you have a question.     

This is the session where we unveil your Styling Boards (created by me). A private space with 40 fully styled looks for you to shop, enjoy and be inspired by. The real magic is seeing your style come to life and feeling like you have a flow to your style, an ability to understand this style formula and a feeling of confidence in how simple things have become.





Style Design JOURNEY  Breakdown


Julie! Your brilliance is in probing so gently until you find parts of me I spent years believing was gone. I cannot believe I feel excited about what I'm choosing myself to wear and I absolutely cannot believe I know how to find those clothes in the shops! Thank you!




AN online styling space

YOUR Style journal



Change takes time. Once you receive your Styling Boards, I will be here to support you in whatever way feels best to you. An extra online session, WhatsAapp, the ability to send me outfit pictures or ask questions. This time is important and it's part of your journey.

outfit formulas

You will have access to our online styling space, where we can  upload items from your wardrobe that we will work with. We will create your shoppable Styling Boards here and I will create private styling videos to help you along the way.  

3 months of ongoing support

One of the big parts of having a style we love is having a set of our own 'looks', simple formulas for putting things together that just feel really natural to you. We will create your outfit formulas to draw on and give you the confidence you need each day.


After each session you will receive an undated Style Journal that will record your bespoke journey. From the key styling tweaks to carry forward to your colour palettes to keep to hand, it will be yours to enjoy and refer back too.

Our sessions are carried out on Zoom from the privacy of your bedroom & my studio. They will be scheduled at times that suit you, with time in between to digest your learning. There will be a lot! This is your time to enjoy, and embrace a very personal and fun styling journey!

The final part of seeing your style come to life will be my choosing complete looks that represent your new style aesthetic. 35+ shoppable looks that also become your outfit formulas. You can click to purchase, enjoy your new Little Black Book of Brands that your looks have been created from or simply be inspired by and learn from this brand new style direction.

To take a gentle first step, sign up to my little community of women who receive styling insights right to their inbox on Substack. 

It is designed as a gentle nudge of encouragement to help you get started and to learn more about Style Design & what it might change for you. Secondly, you can book a Discovery Call to see if Style Design might help you.  


A gentle start

This is a lovely first step you can take right now, if you don't yet feel ready for a full Style Design Journey.

Dip your toes by subscribing to my Substack, Notes on Styling with weekly style inspiration, ideas and discussion and a place to discover how Style Design might change things for you.


Book a virtual wardrobe hour to have your specific wardrobe or general questions answered. It is an easy first step and a way for you to offload your thoughts around your wardrobe, a chance to see if Style Design might be right for you.

Wherever you are with your style we can see together what is the right next step for you.

Your Style Design is only one decision away  

I work with a max of 4 clients at any one time so my recommendation is to get in touch so you can begin when you have the time to enjoy the journey the most.

Remember, it entails 4 online sessions plus ongoing support after you receive your styling Boards to transform your day to day style over a 3 month period.


No one will look exactly like you do in clothes you love to wear.

Style Design can help figure out all the little things in a look that really work for you, from a colour palette to a feeling you love to have in an outfit (elegant? creative? relaxed?). 

Style Design will help you to let go of all the other versions of yourself and the getting dressed with others in mind and begin to tune into one style that just works across all parts of your life.

We are creating the magic of feeling like the best version of yourself again.

let go of other versions of youRSELF

In order to create a style you truly love, you must take time to fully understand your values, your motivations, what you love, what you don’t, separate to any clothes. You come first, the clothes come second. This might sound odd right now, but trust me, this is where the magic lies.


The Magic of

The relationship you have with yourself will become more accepting, trusting and positive.

You will embrace your individuality, helping you to be so much more confident in your everyday life.

You will think about clothes with a lot less anxiety as you begin to find a flow to what you buy & wear.

You will get dressed for the real you and with a feeling of ease, flow and confidence. 

Life will change because you are no longer afraid to be yourself, as you approach each day with a renewed self belief.

Getting dressed will become a joy!

Some of the ways life will change after YOUR STYLE DESIGN JOURNEY

You will appreciate your uniqueness, giving you confidence to live life the way you want. 

You will think about clothes less but what you own will impact you more positively.

You will have a defined Style Essence & Philosophy

Your Styling Boards will excite & inspire you.

Your Style Journal will guide you.

You will let go of what others think and dress for you.

You will have that feeling of a fresh start for yourself & your wardrobe.

You will have a framework for buying, dressing, styling and having fun with your clothes. 

Feelings & TAKEAWAYS

Do you feel overwhelmed by your wardrobe?

Does shopping for clothes that are right for you feel difficult to navigate?

Do you long to feel more confident in your own skin?

Do you feel a little lost or disconnected from what your style is?

Do you crave a style of your own?

Are you sick of worrying about what other people think? 

Does your wardrobe lack a feeling of flow and cohesion?

Is STYLE DESIGN Right for me?

You can have a style all of your one. One that feels easy, exciting and gives you the confidence to live more confidently. It’s waiting for you!

We will always have a phone call or zoom call to organise dates, have a chat about your diary and to make sure our sessions and work fits in around your life.  Once you are happy, we will create our plan.


This can be a simple first step & a chance for you to ask me any questions before committing to the full process. I will always advise you to begin when the time is right for you.

You can book anytime, simply get in touch using the 'book now' button below. I will be back to you shortly with details on when I am taking my next clients and to arrange the next steps.