A Gentle start

Find your wardrobe magic. 

What if your personal style, one that comes easy, was laid out in front of you in a way you could follow? 

Welcome to my home for reconnecting to your style - a place away from fashion & life's noise, just for you, to regroup, re energise & see yourself through fresh eyes in order to build a style that gives you the feeling of confidence you've always wanted from your clothes.

To take a gentle first step, sign up to my Substack - where your learning can begin and where you see things can look different. I hope it gives you the fresh perspective you might just be looking for and is a great place to start.

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The gentle nudge you might need. 

Are you ready to love getting dressed again?

Book a 1 hour virtual wardrobe hour for your specific wardrobe questions & to find out more about style design. The session costs £45 and can be used against a Style Design Journey at any stage.

Email hi@juliecobbe.ie to book or get in touch using the form below.

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