January 16, 2023

Julie Cobbe

One thing I want you to know about your clothes this year

It’s amazing how when asked something a certain way it frees your mind to be so much more open and truthful. Someone recently asked me a question that felt like the biggest question I had ever been asked about style coaching.

If the whole world was watching, what would you want to say?

Here’s what I answered.

You can change the relationship you have with yourself using your clothes and your style as your most powerful tool.

Think about an outfit you have worn in the past that really made you feel confident. I mean really confident. Happy in your own skin. On that day, you didn’t need to be taller or thinner or with less jiggly bits or slightly bigger boobs. You were happy exactly as you are – in that outfit.

There are elements at play here; details, colour, flow, an aesthetic, a feeling – details you can start to build an inventory of and most definitely, a feeling it created, that you want to follow – to have more of.

Because this IS the power of our clothes.

Those clothes free us from all the daily self judgements we hold to make it easier for you to enjoy YOU, exactly as you are – to feel bold. Confident. Flexible. Do more of what you love. Be more of what you love.

Your clothes become your greatest ally.

It follows that if you have more outfits that feel like this one, imagine the space you are creating internally to have the ability to be kinder to yourself, to create more positive thoughts in your day, to live a happier day to day.

Here are 2 looks I created recently with a client who is on her own journey. You can click into the look-book and see all the individual items laid out in a look-book. (It’s actually made up of sale items so click quick if you like anything!) I wanted to share to show you an example of the ease and flow that comes from a knowing yourself and your style.

Here, we are following a feeling of simplicity and sophistication but with a slight edge. We are following a colour palette we have worked on and styling details that hit in all the places for her. We picked one core item (white Jeans here) and followed the feeling we are creating – using just one item.

You see your style can feel easy, like the most fun jigsaw puzzle as you add and subtract items and play with brands until you achieve the feeling, an edit of things you know you are after.

t allows you to put away all the self judgement, the getting dressed for others, the confusion and overwhelm. You can delight in being you.

And that is what life is all about.

Here are two more looks, following the same feeling, the same flow but based around a different item, high waisted black leather trousers from Warehouse, with the most buttery leather (also on sale)!

So, you guys, what makes you unique is the fact that your style is uniquely you. There are no two women in the world who will ever look the same in the same outfit because this flow and this feeling comes from how things are put together, finished, worn, felt. It is in how you inject this feeling of who you are into your clothes. This is made up of both physical tweaks but also feelings and words identified as ‘yours’ that you follow.

Just like the answer that flowed from me when I was asked a really good question, you too can have more of what you love when you dig just under the surface or as is the case here, when just one person asks you the right questions.


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