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Spring Wardrobe Edit

This is an edit of the items I love (and am thinking about for my own wardrobe) from brands I am enjoying for my own style right now. Edited regularly as I find items I want to ear mark 🙂

One thing I want you to know about your clothes this year

It’s amazing how when asked something a certain way it frees your mind to be so much more open and truthful. Someone recently asked me a question that felt like the biggest question I had ever been asked about style coaching. If the whole world was watching, what would you want to say? Here’s what […]

Are you a Style In betweener?

There are many fashion labels we wear throughout our life, some welcome, some not so much. But one that I have been meeting a whole lot with clients is the idea of getting to a certain age and feeling like a “Style Inbetweener”. You don’t quite fit in on the high street anymore but are not […]

3 little things that are big for our style

Hi! I really mulled over the thoughts I first wanted to share in this new space. Knowing it would be the first post you might read, the first place you might land when you find The Style Retreat. I want it to be helpful, honest, real and not too daunting. Little steps. This is where […]